Monday, September 3, 2012

How acne begins

As Featured On EzineArticles Most everyone has had to deal with acne at some point in some form, usually as teens. Even with good skin care, you can find that you still can get breakouts, and depending on the type of acne it can be very troublesome. So, what causes these outbreaks, anyway?

 Acne Begins

Acne starts with the skins pores, or hair follicles become clogged. Oil gets trapped in the follicle and will build up and form a blemish. Acne is form from the dead skins cells that are continually being shed getting stuck together inside a pore, creating a plug. Since oil, or sebum is being produced on a regular basis to keep your skin from being dried out, the oil will get trapped in the clogged pores, causing the acne.
 The rate of shedding old skin cells is very individual,some people's skin will not shed dead cells evenly that's went the cells become overly sticky  trapping the oil and bacteria, they form a plug called a comedo.

.Causes of Acne

Blemish skin  is caused due to fluctuating  hormones. The hormone androgen is produced at a high rate during the teenage years, creating larger sebaceous glands that are overactive. During this time, the skin areas around the face, chest and back are very prone to developing acne.

Why Treatment is Necessary

Severe acne, such as inflammatory acne, will produce nodules and pustules which are large and deep. If left untreated, acne like this can create bad scarring. Acne can also be very painful, troublesome and embarrassing, so for your overall health and self-esteem it is important to make sure you treat it, especially if you have inflammatory acne which can be a long-term condition that causes a lot of problems for you.

If you have problem skin, you will want the advice of a trained acne specialist if you believe you have this type of acne because they can best help you with a plan for treatment. You can choose a  Doctor or Esthetician , but no matter which professioal you choose it is important you make sure they have the specialized training to deal with  acne.

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