Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Understanding your acne

There is a common misconception that acne is only a problem of women.The truth is in fact that young males have acne more commonly than women and also for a longer time.This may be due to the presence of high amount of testosterone in men.So acne is a problem that affects both the men and women.

Acne is cause by hormones and your skin inability to rid its self of old dead skin cells,this is individual and due  mostly  to hereditary. the fluctuating  hormones  usually starts in early teens. The hormone androgen is produced at a high rate during the teenage years, creating larger sebaceous glands that are overactive. During this time, the skin areas around the face, chest and back are very prone to developing acne. Acne can also start as late as 24 or even 30, 60% of all  adult women experience blemishes or moderate acne and  is mostly found to form around the chin and jaw line, this can be more painful and the acne will last longer for an adult due to the fact that  the older your are the slower your skin's cells sheds . On the other hand there are more teens with acne found around the hair line and on the forehead. this can be caused by sweat, hats, hair products or even oils from the hair. tight fitting clothes can cause back or chest acne by trapping sweat with bacteria.. Acne starts with in the skins pores, or hair follicles becoming clogged. Oil gets trapped in the follicle and then will build up and form a blemish.  the dead skins cells that are continually being shed getting stuck together inside a pore, creating a plug. Since oil, or sebum is being produced on a regular basis to keep your skin from being dried out, the oil will get trapped in the clogged pores, causing the acne.
 The rate of shedding old skin cells is very individual,some people's skin will not shed dead cells evenly that's went the cells become overly sticky  trapping the oil and bacteria, they form a plug called a comedo.You can make this condition even worse by over washing your face, using the wrong skin care, make-up, picking at your skin,excessive sun,stress is a big one, stress raises the levels of hormones and cortisol along with  this  stress slows the  healing of acne. study have  also shown that foods with high levels of hormones can cause severe acne  flare-ups. foods such as .nuts,shell fish, soy sauce, to much salt or  milk, especially low fat milk  the  cause  being  that low fat milk contains higher amount of hormones..    

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